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I'm an IT architect and developer, not a web designer. Therefore you will not find any fancy effects on these pages. However, I tried to implement some aspects of good web design by taking into account things like user specified font size, separation of layout and structure and web accessibility.

Solid IT solutions often don't show their quality and elegance at first sight. After 20 years in IT, buzzwords alone don't do it anymore for me. I prefer to see a usable documentation or a clever and documented design over a glossy pamphlet any time.

As an old-guard developer who grew up with punchcards and tty, I still like to hand-code web sites. Always a joy when a polished website reveals polished code when you dig into it. Nevertheless, I would not like to do withouth a decent HTML editor. But I have no problem to resort to vi or vim for heavy duty editing.
To use the right tool for the job is a major aspect of successful work, not only in IT.


The top photo shows the north face of Ebnefluh and Mittagshorn near Lauterbrunnen.

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