Projects (Selection)

2015 / 2005 Software Inventory, Software Asset Management System - OctoSAM

Design and development of a multi-client software asset management and inventory system.

c++, .net, c#, SQL Server 2005, LLBLGen, COM, WMI, Active Directory, XML, Crystal Reports, MSI, WiX, PowerShell.

2015 / 2014 Oracle Fusion Middleware Cluster

Introduction of an Oracle Fusion SOA / OSB based application in a computing center. Verification of installation documents, technical tests, load and performance verification tests. Operations Documentation.

Oracle SOA, Oracle OSB, Weblogic, Shellscripting, WLST, python, java

2013 / 2011 HP Server Automation (SA)

Migration from existing N1SPS to Server Automation (SA). Concepts and implementation, tools and extensions development.

HP SA, pytwist, python, Global Filesystem OGFS, Global Shell, APX, c# (Web Service Interface), jQuery, Kendo UI

2013 / 2008 J2EE Cluster and Server Farm Deployment

Automated deployment of complex J2EE application clusters within server farms.

SUN N1SPS, Oracle Weblogic, python, jython, WLST, Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

2013 / 2007 Highly-Available J2EE Infrastructure (Computing Center)

IT Operations-Architect, implementation of highly-available application server clusters

BEA Weblogic, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

2011 / 2009 Single Sign On for Linux Admins

Personalized logins and password-free environment for Linux/Unix administrators. Role-based Security Setup

Quest Vintela, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos, PuTTY, c#, .net

2010 Interface Between a Banking Application and an Archival System
Transfer of scanned images and index data.

Java, Oracle, AIX, Solaris

2007 Sharepoint 2007 (Finance)

Concepts for migration and consolidation of several existing intranet applications on a new Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 platform.

Integration with Active Directory, Exchange and telephone.

MOSS 2007, .net, c#

2007 / 2006 COLD Archive Migration (Finance)

Concepts and development of tools to re-index and filter an existing COLD archive as a preparation to migrate to IBM OnDemand.

Several millions of documents, more than 4 TB of data.

c/c++, perl, mySQL, Solaris, INSCI COINS

2007 / 1994 Communication and Connectivity with Unisys OS2200 Hosts

Implementation of the Unisys INT-1 protocol and UTS terminal emulation. Protocol implementation runs on several platforms including Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Win32. Ports to Java and .net.

ANSI c, c++, MFC / ATL, COM, Solaris, Linux, Unisys OS2200, Unisys DCA, TCP/IP, Java and .net  ports

2006 / 2005 Document Templates and Generator (Finance)

Development of a flexible generator for documents including but not limited to Microsoft Office formats.

Integration with legacy systems and Active Directory. Separation of logic and presentation through XML-based domain specific configuration language and scripts. No Office Macros / VBA. Management of hundreds of templates in a multi-company setup without duplicating shared documents or logic.

.net, c#, c/c++, XML, MS Office, lua, python

2004 / 1992 GUI based Information System over a Legacy Banking Application

Development of an information system for banks with access to Unisys Host transactions (TIP 2200) and Oracle databases. Started with Windows 3.11 and migrated to 32bit through several releases of OS and development Tools.

C++, Glockenspiel CommonView, Win32, MFC, GDI, Oracle, Novell Netware, Windows 3.1 / Windows NT / Windows 2000, Combit List&Label, Robohelp

2003 / 2001 Web based Admin UI for Active Directory

Design and development of a web based administration tool in a complex Active Directory and Exchange environment.
Decentralized, fine-grained, multi-company, role-based authentication and rights management implemented with Quest Active Roles. About 5000 users in over 50 independent organizations.

.net (1.0-2.0), c#, Active Directory, MS Exchange Server, ADSI, LDAP, CDO, CDOEXM, Windows 2000 / 2003, IIS

2003 / 2001 Deployment of a Large Information System (Finance)

Deployment of a multi-tier Client/Server enterprise application for banks. Development of tools for automatic deployment configuration and operation. More than 20 WebLogic domains.

Performance analysis and tuning. Reengineering of critical components (c, Oracle Pro*C)

J2EE, Bea WebLogic, TUXEDO, Solaris, Oracle, Ant, Unisys OS2200, Windows, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Big Brother